About us

We do most of our work ourselves from idea to finished product. Is the amount of content beyond our capacity we draw on some of the strongest competencies around: graphic designers, sound engineers, animators, directors, writers, photographers, producers, strategy advisers etc. Some are placed under the same roof – some are located elsewhere in Copenhagen:


Martin Lönborg, producer

I founded Hurra Film in 2002 based on a lifelong fascination of moving pictures. And with a background in danish television (TV2) where I worked as producer, photographer, director and editor I know all the technique behind a movie production.

With Hurra Film I wanted to add the role as conceptual developer and co-creater to my skills. By doing that I learned that my strongest competence was to sit with my customers and help them develop a visual style, a movie language that suited their exact company – big or small.

I have a long term relation with many of my clients –  it is important to me that my customers always feel secure and experience a smooth process but also a mutual freedom to challenge each other over time. That improves the quality of our common projects and the speed and cost as well.

At Hurra Film we love to make movies for big companies or one man enterprises, infotainments or commercials for public and private customers, music videos and movies about kids and youth. So call me if you want to discuss an idea, a story or a project from scratch or if you already know what you need. A good time together is guaranteed…

Mail: martin@loenborg.dk
Phone: +45 22 76 65 64


Jørgen Rovsing Skov, writer and adviser

Has a long background in communications in the financial sector. Is a strong adviser, writer, visual thinker, creative idea maker and first of all an advocate for combining the day-to-day communication with a core company story.

mail: jorgen.rovsing.skov@gmail.com
phone:+45 50 69 54 12

Morten Kvist, motion graphics

Motion graphics master with a background from DR as art director and branding manager responsible for the channel design of DR1 and DR2. He divides his time between lecturing and teaching motion design and creating mind blowing graphics and animations tasks.

Martin Behrndt, motion graphics designer

Is all about creativity. A gifted musician since the 90’s and a skilled motion graphics and graphics craftsman. Great visual imagination with a strong foundation in modern life, music, iconography and design.

Jesper Jans, graphic designer

Educated from Danish School of Design and have thousands of book and logo design projects behind him. Is a skilled layouter who divides his passion for visual purity between long term relations and new projects.  

Paolo Impagliazzo, video journalist

Video journalist and storyteller with a passion for telling personal stories. Has worked on DR for many years with kids and youth productions. Now freelancer working with formatted television, documentaries and online communication.

Kenneth Spohr

Photographer and owner of streaming.nu offering streaming services to companies of all sizes. As a photographer he sees all details and never settles for anything but perfection. Is a highly skilled technician.