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Because they are personal reflections of your company. Why does Hurra Film make movies? Because every project, every customer and every company is special – and we love to get involved in your story! By investing our hearts, creative minds and hard work we can offer a high degree of flexibility and a personalised look and feel to your movie.

We have a long term personal relation with most of our customers. This means that we get a strong connection and a deep knowledge about your company, your strategy, style and the way you work. That makes us able to react fast when something needs to be done overnight – but it also means that we can challenge each other: do you want it like ‘last time’ or do we need to reinvent our common language?

Hurra Film is based in the creative environment Bright Room on Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, and has made corporate movies for conferences, events, annual reports, roll outs and strategy launches for larger local, national and international companies since 2002. We have made infotainments and commercials for ministries, Danish parliament, the ombudsman, cities and municipalities, Danish Board of Health and many others. We have made music videos. And we have made smaller projects for carpenters, roof specialists, therapists and private individuals.

Projects and demands varies – what stays the same is our way of working. We will always create a solution based on our passion for motion pictures and the way they can interact with the written and spoken word. We will always deliver on time, keep you out of worries and respect your company’s core story or strategy.

So why choose Hurra Film? Because we invest ourselves…